channar rashtriya kolapathakam

Alummoottil is an aristocratic family in south central Kerala.

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(This is an article / story contributed by a member of the public. This is a work of fiction. All the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this article are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, and actual events is purely coincidental.)

Madhavan was tossing and turning in his bed. He couldn’t go to sleep. Whatever happened in the morning was flashing before his eyes. “I will kill him”, he thought in his mind. “I will make him pay for all those insults.”

Madhavan was the nephew of Krishnan Channan, the last Karanavan of the Alummootil family. Ever since Madhavan's parents passed away, it was Krishnan Channan who took care of him. Krishnan always made sure that Madhavan was loved and would never feel like an orphan. But Madhavan had other thoughts. He hated Krishnan and believed from childhood that his parents were dead because of him. It added to his rage when Krishnan found out about Madhavan’s involvement in the money theft from the treasury of the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha. Krishnan was an honourable member of the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha and made Madhavan the treasurer of the Sabha only 2 months back. But Madhavan along with Sekharan and Sankaran looted money from the treasury. Sekharan and Sankaran were Krishnan’s sons. When Krishnan found out about their schemes, he removed Madhavan from the post. He also made three of them apologise before the Sabha. It was a big insult to them.

At that time, the Marumakkathayam system was prevalent. According to the system the properties were not inherited by his sons, but the children of his sisters. So, all the properties owned by Krishnan would be passed on to Madhavan.

If he got rid of Krishnan, Madhavan would be the next Karanavan and would inherit everything that belonged to the Alummootil family. And he can take control over the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha too. But it won’t be easy to kill him. So, he decided to include Sekharan and Sankaran in the plan. The plan was to kill Krishnan and put the blame on the sons so that Madhavan could get rid of all three at once. It wasn’t difficult to convince Sekharan and Sankaran. Madhavan offered them half the property if they helped to kill their father.

Now they had to help make a solid plan. Krishnan had the S.N.D.P. Yogam every Thursday. It would be too late when the meeting would be over, and he would be walking home alone. That would be the best time to kill him.

They were all set and were waiting for Krishnan near the field. The plan was Madhavan would talk to Krishnan and distract him, at that time the sons could stab him from behind and kill him. But things didn’t go as expected. Ambika Channathy, Krishnan’s wife, was accompanying him back from the Yogam. Seeing Ambika, Madhavan decided to postpone the plan. But Sekharan and Sankaran compelled Madhavan to execute it then and there. They also said they would kill their amma (mother) too if needed.

As planned Madhavan went to Krishnan. “Madhavan, what are you doing here at this hour?” “I was waiting for you.” Madhavan replied, “I am sorry uncle. I know I broke your trust. I am so sorry.” “I am glad that you feel sorry about it. I was afraid that you wouldn’t realise your mistake. But now I know I brought you up in the right way.”

“Aaaaarghhhh” Krishnan cried out loud as the knife went right through his chest. He turned behind only to see Sankaran standing behind him with a knife in his hand. Then, Madhavan kicked him hard and Krishnan fell on the floor. Madhavan turned right towards Ambika. She was standing there expressionless. Madhavan asked Sekharan to kill her. Sekharan took out the knife and swung it right at Madhavan. Madhavan was shocked but he reacted. He punched Sekharan hard, and the knife slipped away from his hand. Ambika took the knife and stabbed Madhavan. But could only hurt his shoulder. He now knew Ambika and her sons were trying to kill him and he was in danger. So he tried to run away from there. The sons ran behind him.

Ambika was now alone with Krishnan who was choking and trying hard to get some breath. Krishnan lent his hands toward Ambika. “Help me”, he said in a broken voice. Ambika took his hand and sat beside him. She slowly pulled out the knife and stabbed it right through his heart.

When Madhavan told Sekharan and Sankaran about his plan to kill their father, they went to their mother and told her everything. From there, the sons did according to their amma’s plan. Ambika used the opportunity to get rid of Krishnan and Madhavan and take control of the property, which would have otherwise gone to Madhavan alone.

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A murder in Alummoottil meda was the inspiration of the screenplay of Manichitrathazhu.