brotherhood forged in blood

Alummoottil is an aristocratic family in south central Kerala.

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It was still raining when the two brothers of the Alummootil family reached Mavelikkara Lekshana family. In the courtyard, a young man was practicing martial arts. They asked him, "Hey brother, could you please teach us some yoga and martial arts?" The young man suddenly stopped the performance and looked at the brothers. "Welcome to the Lekshana family. May I know where you are coming from?" When they said "Kayamkulam," suddenly an elderly person entered that spot and inquired of them with anger, "So you are traitors, right? You came here to learn the tactics to defeat our ruler of Madathinkur?" Then the young man from the Lekshana family said, "I don't think so. They just want to be trained in the yoga and martial arts we practice. That is their need. So, we should help them. It is our duty to do this... Our Lekshana family never betrayed anyone who came here for help." The Alummootil brothers told them they had come without the knowledge of the Raja of Kayamkulam. After seeing the thirst of those two brothers to get trained, the Mavelikkara Lekshana family warmly welcomed the brothers. That young man from the Lekshana family became their friend and shared his knowledge and wisdom generously with the Alummootil brothers.

Some days passed. They were trained, and it was time to depart. While they were ready to say adieu, the young man from the Lekshana family asked them, "When will we meet again?" One of the brothers smiled and replied, "Soon. We also have a younger sister. We feel that we have not just found a friend here, but perhaps future members of our family." Then the young man asked, "Should I accompany you now?" "Certainly, if you wish. However, we will need to discuss our decision with our family first. Once we have spoken to them, you can come to our home. As you are aware, the political rivalry between the Raja of Kayamkulam and the ruler of Madathinkur hangs like a dark cloud over the region." The young man nodded and said, "Yes, I understand. In that case, I will wait for a Palm-leaf manuscript from one of your messengers. Wishing both of you every blessing. Until we meet again." With a final farewell, the two brothers departed for Kayamkulam.

The news of the brothers' departure reached the King, infuriating him beyond measure! The king issued an order to have them killed as a consequence for defying his authority and leaving their army posts without permission. Upon the brothers' arrival in Muttom, situated to the western side of the Kottakkoikal palace, a messenger hastened towards them with an urgent warning. He implored, "You must flee immediately! The Raja has commanded your demise for leaving Kayamkulam without his sanction. I cannot linger here any longer, for they would spare no hesitation in ending my life as well. I beseech you to take care and bid you farewell." With those words, the messenger swiftly departed, driven by the urgency of the situation.

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A murder in Alummoottil meda was the inspiration of the screenplay of Manichitrathazhu.