shekharan channar

Alummoottil is an aristocratic family in south central Kerala.

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In another incident, Shekharan Channar got word that some of his enemies were planning to ambush him on his way back from Thiruvananthapuram. Since walking was the only means of getting to Chacka and to his kettuvallam, this could be a dangerous encounter. Realizing his predicament, Appooppan sent his servants back to the vallam through some back roads. He elected to follow a different approach.

There was a young thandan collecting coconuts for the market in the neighborhood. Appooppan asked him how much he made a day and upon hearing that he could make a profit of 3 chakrams in a day, Appooppan offered him a much better deal. Leave the coconuts in the yard and let Appooppan ride in the basket to Chacka for a handsome amount of 3 panams. The fellow was very pleased at his good fortune and the two struck a deal. He carried Appooppan in the basket as agreed, while shouting “thenga, thenga” all the way to the kettuallam. The waiting enemies were very cleverly fooled.

When the young thandan realized what a valuable commodity he was carrying on his head, he made an attempt to extract more money out of Appooppan for saving his life, but Appooppan’s response was that Alummoottil channar will never renege on his word and he expects others to do the same.

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A murder in Alummoottil meda was the inspiration of the screenplay of Manichitrathazhu.