Chapter 1


The journey from Vallabhasseril to Mannarshal temple was a long and tedious trek seven hundred years ago. Today, it is a matter of three hours by public bus or less than an hour by car to traverse the 18 or so odd miles. In her times (time precisely not known, but 15th century AD), our ancestral mother and family and their entourage traveled from her home Vallabhasseril to her favorite temple Mannarshal during the Sarpa-bali festivals, which often took two days with an intermediate camp out in Valiakuzi, which is today’s Pallipad.


With their prestige and power, they acquired considerable property in Valiakuzi and built a rest house there, which became Amma’s adobe after marriage. Vallabhasseril was a very powerful tharavad under Panthalam Raja, which provided him with all the necessary security forces of those times.


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