(This section contain materials contributed by Alummoottil Sivadasan Channar, including an introduction to the tharavaad )


.....Whenever I travel in Keralam, I ask the question, is there any Alummoottil house in that area? Sure enough, there are several Alummoottils in several towns and villages, but no one could say for sure whether they are all recently acquired names or been around for a while, like say 500 years or so. I know one such name, the Alummoottil tharavad, a noble and very ancient clan, that is in central Travancore, right smack about half way between Haripad and Mavelikara, in a little village called Muttom Muttom lies about a mile due east of Nangiarkulangara junction. Haripad and Mavelikara are well recognized towns in Alleppy district, and if you get to Haripad, ask anyone in the street where Alummoottil is, and you will be taken to the right place.


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