Now, you may ask how do I know? Well, I can say for sure that my name is Alummoottil Sivadasan Channar, and Alummoottil is my Tharavad as well as my home. When I was a kid growing up in Alummoottil, I used to get bored with all of the gory details my grandmother, Alummoottil Narayany Channatty, used to tell us children, how the Alummoottil Tharavad, became one of the most well known and respected noble group under the Maharaja of Travancore. I used to think, so what? and how boring Ammachiammaís (thatís what we call our grandmother, motherís mother) stories were. I never thought that the title ĎChannarí was such a big deal. I didnít encourage anyone to address me that way. Actually, none of my brothers, and even my uncle A. P. Udayabhanu, used it unless it was in a legal document. Yet, even in the days of untouchability, the Channar title could get one within five feet of the Maharaja, the same privilage any Nairs had.


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