Chapter 4. History of the Tharavad (Contd...)


When Karanavar Manthravadi Mathevan Channar (II) died at the age of 64 in 1850, his younger brother Kunju kunju Channar, who stayed at Alummoottil, became the Karanavar. Kunju kunju Channar was younger to him by 4 years. He was born in 1790. So, when he became Karanavar in 1850, he was 60 years old. In between the two brothers, there was the sister Kochikka Channatty (I), born in 1788, but female members were not entitled to become Karanavar of the tharavad.
Kunju kunju Channar was not an efficient Karanavar. Four years after he took over as Karanavar, Alummoottil tharavad was divided as Alummoottil and Alummoottil Padeettathil, even though no documentary evidences of the division of properties are available.


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