Chapter 3. History of the Tharavad (Contd...)


Kaali Channatty I, sister of Karanavar Mathevan Channar I, who was married to Lekshana Panicker, had 6 children. They were Mathevan Channar II, Kochikka Channatty I, Kunju Kunju Channar, Kochu Kunju Channar I, Mechi Channatty and Kochathi Channar. They all lived in the Lekshana tharavad.
Mathevan Channar II, the eldest son of Kaali Channatty I, was born around 1786. He stayed at a house in Kuttankarethu in Mavelikkara, looking after the properties of Alummoottil tharavad there till around 1834. He was also a famous ‘manthravadi’ of his time, but it is not known from where he studied ‘manthrvadam’ (a form of witchcraft). He married a beautiful young lady, called Mamma Panickathy of Vallabhasseril family in Thiruvalla. Vallabhasseril was a famous Ezhava tharavad at Thiruvalla and the Thiru Vallabha Kshethram (temple) was also connected to this family at that time. It is said that ‘Thiruvalla’, the name of the place itself was derived from the name of this Tharavad and the Kshethram.


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