Chapter 2. History of the Tharavad (Contd...)


Alummoottil Tharavad was following ‘marumakkthayam’ or ‘matrilinear’ system of succession, where the senior most male member of the family would be the Karanavar and he had the absolute power to rule the Tharavad as a dictator. However, after the death of the last male member in a generation, they will be succeeded by the eldest son of their sisters. The wife and children of the male members, including the Karanavar, had no right over the properties of the family. This was the system prevalent at that time in the Royal families of the Kingdom as well as among Nairs. It may be noted that Ezhavas, in general, were following ‘makkathayam’ or ‘patrilinear’ system and only Ezhava families like Alummoottil, Komalezham, Lekshana, Vallabhasseril, Thurayil, Varanappallil, Kallisseril, Menatheril etc in the ‘onattukara’ area (the present areas of Karthikappally, Mavelikkara and Karunagappally taluks) were following this system, till the Hindu Succession Act was introduced.


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