It was later, at the time of Kuthakakkaran Shekharan Channar (1827-1891) only that the Tharavad regained its status in the Travancore King’s inner circle. Kuthakakkaran Shekharan Channar was a shrewd business man and he was the first one to take Kuthaka (sole agency) all over the Travancore state to make and sell liquor according to the famous ‘Kuthakapatta’ agreement executed between him and the Government.

From 1857 to 1875 when he took the Kuthakapattom, Sir T. Madhava Rao was the Diwan (Prime Minister) of Travancore (Actual period of the Diwanship 1858 to 1872). Shekharan Channar was very close to Sir T. Madhava Rao at that time and was considered to be one of his closest business aides.


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