It is interesting that if a search for the keyword ‘Alummoottil’ is performed, the majority of results come up with Christians with their last names ‘Alummoottil’. Genealogically nobody has been able to establish the origins of these Christian families and it is not known if these family’s have any associations with the Alummoottil Tharavaad. In all probability, such families might have originated from ancestors expelled from the Alummoottil Tharavaad, during the 1500-1800s, who embraced Christianity under the influence of the Portuguese and the British. However, since an overwhelming majority of Keralite Christians usually trace their origins to ‘Brahmins’ who converted to Christianity seeing the charm of St. Thomas, it is highly improbable that any connections with the non-brahmin Alummoottil Tharavaad would be acceptable to them!


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